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Managed Print Service
driving down the cost of printing

Print is a vital part of business communications both internally and externally. However, most organisations don ’t understand the true cost of running their print, copy, scan and fax resources. Research shows that organisations may spend up to 3% of revenues on using and managing these resources.

Over the past few years, organisations are waking up to these uncontrolled costs and are turning towards Managed Print Services (MPS) to help reduce costs and take the stress out of managing their ever expanding print fleets. Costs are no longer viewed in isolation and we now have a more holistic approach to understanding total cost of ownership right down to the cost per page of each device.

MPS has become increasingly important and customers, resellers and vendors are all investing a lot of time and resource into developing this area. As a distribution partner, UFP are able to provide resellers with access to a range of vendor programmes dedicated at providing MPS solutions to end users. These solutions include special MPS pricing and products, contract support and cost reduction programmes.

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