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Customer Care Department         Tel : 01274 651870          Fax : 01274 651871

Queries & Complaints

The following procedure is designed to provide you with the quickest and most efficient resolutions to your queries or complaints.

  1. Your first point of contact should be your Account Manager who should be able to resolve most general queries or complaints in a speedy and satisfactory manner.
  2. If your Account Manager is unable to deal with to your query or complaint in a satisfactory manner, you should then ask to speak to the Sales Manager who will do their upmost to provide an adequate resolution.
  3. If your query or complaint has still not been dealt with to your satisfaction, you should contact the Customer Care Manager, who has the authority and responsibility to take the necessary actions to provide a swift and final resolution.

You can contact the Customer Care Manager by calling 01274 651875 or via email

Please know that all complaints are treated very seriously and will be thoroughly investigated.  We will do our upmost to bring a speedy resolutions to your enquiry or complaint. Please allow up to 10 working days to receive a reply.

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