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Looking like the original doesn't
mean performance like the original

Countering the Counterfeits

UFP are strongly opposed to the supply of counterfeit printing and office supplies.  In fact, we take this very seriously and work closely with our vendors to help us recognise, report and prevent the proliferation of counterfeits.  Our distribution and inventory teams are provided with vendor training and information which enables us to remain vigilant in our fight against counterfeits.

Counterfeits are illegal and can cause serious damage to businesses, end-users and printing equipment.  OEM’s spend a lot of time and money to ensure their original supplies are designed to work seamlessly with their printers and office machines, guaranteeing optimal performance.  This is something that counterfeits cannot replicate and unsuspecting businesses and customers are usually left to count the cost.

So what are counterfeits?

A counterfeits product will normally look and feel like the original and will feature branding and packaging like the original.  But in truth this is a cheap, substandard fake that is designed to deceive customers into believing it is original and paying a higher price.

How to recognise a counterfeit:

  • Missing OEM logo.
  • Missing OEM security tag or seal.
  • Price is too good to be true.
  • Missing outer wrapping or packaging.
  • Inferior quality and print performance